About Jenny Yang

insist we express our joy, imagination and creativity.

I am a writer, professional home/office organizer, and stand-up comedian…and now I explore what it means to live the Life Creative through conversation and computer chair reporting. I also really love food. I’m not a foodie. I’m an eater.

Top Posts About Jenny’s CreativeLife:

My Creative Autobiography

I write.

  • I’ve been a life-long and avid journal-er (Is that even a word?).  After reading The Artist’s Way a few years ago it bumped my journaling to a daily morning practice.
  • I have fond memories of writing “Fractured Fairy Tales” in the 5th grade.  Our assignment was to take a regular Fairy Tale and change it in some way.  I recall changing the names of Cinderella characters to be like “Sir William Williamson” or something like that.  That tickled my fancy.
  • English was my favorite subject in school, especially when I had the opportunity to do creative projects that allowed me to rewrite popular songs for educational purposes.  Yes.  I once re-wrote a number of rap songs and ballads to describe the book All’s Quiet on the Western Front, and Trigonometry functions (“One, two, three point one foh’.  Jen doggy-dog, Dr. A is at the doh”).
  • In college I played journalist and covered campus events for Swarthmore College’s Daily Gazette and then wrote regular opinion column called “Static” for our weekly college newspaper, The Phoenix.
  • I used to think I could rap.  Now I just do it for comedic effect.
  • I’ve written poetry since elementary school – you know, that therapeutic stuff.  I liked rhyming and meter.  Then in college I realized I can actually read that stuff and build community with fellow students. I continued reading my poetry when I moved to Los Angeles with Tuesday Night Cafe.
  • Most of my professional training in my young adult life has been to write for public affairs.  Either website copy or press releases for a national non-profit, or researching dry labor statistics and policies to tell compelling stories and advocate on behalf of our organization’s membership interests.
  • In 2009 I realized making people laugh was fun.  So I started learning stand-up comedy.

I stand up for comedy.

  • I made a deal with myself to be open to creative opportunities before a momentous birthday and trying stand-up comedy was one of them.  So I did it.  It was the end of 2009.  I read off the paper.  I fell into all the beginner, hacky pitfalls.  I sweated profusely. Then I proceeded to be sick for the next two weeks.  That meant I really needed to continue with it because it was so scary.
  • I took a females-only class to learn stand-up comedy (which happened to be recorded for a documentary that has yet to come out. nerve-wracking).  That got me my first five minutes.
  • Since then, I’ve been learning my own writing process and have had the fortunate opportunity to perform my comedy and experiments at Tuesday Night Cafe in Downtown, Los Angeles, Garret Morris’ Downtown Comedy Club in Los Angeles, The Comedy Union in Los Angeles, the Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, The Haha Comedy Club in North Hollywood, Malo and El Cid in Silverlake, Los Angeles, and Azusa Pacific University, and Kollaboration Live, among other venues.
  • In 2011, I took a number of awesome classes in long-form improvisation and sketch comedy writing from the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in Los Angeles.  It’s fun.
  • I started interning with Hulu’s original web-series, The Morning After in May, 2011.  We comedically cover all that’s interesting in television and pop culture.

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