Ken Nordine’s “Green” is Dope. Words to Jazz Animated to Font.

Thanks to my musician friend, Monk Turner.  This might be the inspiration for a Monk/Jenny collaboration to come!

Ken Nordine is a new favorite. How did I not know about him? Watch this beautiful font animation of Ken Nordine’s words to jazz.



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3 responses to “Ken Nordine’s “Green” is Dope. Words to Jazz Animated to Font.”

  1. Tara Brown says :

    Hi Jenny,
    I am a professional speaker and am preparing a talk for parents. The focus is embracing your child’s passion and the direction they want their life to go. I’ve been searching all over for the clip of M Chang with his mother as he explains his need to dance. It would be an amazing addition to the talk. Can you help me locate that clip? Any suggestions? Thanks so much and keep rockin.

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hi Tara!

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find the video with my nimble fingers. I know exactly the clips you would probably need. I think scouring for “illegal” copies of it on Youtube or other places may be the only option, though I do not advocate it. I’ve heard of people “grabbing” a copy for their own computer then splicing up the clip for themselves. A lot of steps. What may be easier to locate is the text of the dialogue/monologues that you are looking for.

      I hope this helps! Thanks for the comment! Let me know if you have any luck!


  2. Tara Brown says :

    It’s from Glee Episode 3

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