Update!: Watch NBC’s Whitney Premiering This Thursday and Upcoming Podcast Episodes (Quan Phung and Steve Nguyen)

‘Tis the season to watch TV, Fa La La La Laaaa La La La Laaaaa.

It’s the season of premiere’s and a great chance to prep for the relaunch Episode 7 with Quan Phung!  This Thursday night, 9:30PM on NBC is the premiere of “Whitney,” a new half-hour comedy following “The Office” that is Executive Produced by our podcast relaunch guest Quan Phung (Board President, Visual Communications).

Whitney on NBC Premiere

Whitney on NBC Premieres this Thursday! (LINK) I watched the live-taping of Episode 5 from the audience!

But what happened to the previously announced Episode 7 with Steve Nguyen of channelapa.com?  Life happened.  But it WILL be coming after we get out Quan Phung’s episode later this week to coincide with the premiere of Whitney. Sound okay to you?

In the meantime, this is me:

"Under construction" by rasmus-dev.com

Plugging away. Plugging away.

I’ve also been working on my future Jenny Yang website that will be the online HUB of all my creative projects. Phew! Takes a lot of time!

Thank you for your support and patience! Cheers!


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