Teaser: What Does Upcoming Guest Atsuko Okatsuka and Dani Pudi (NBC’s Community) Have In Common?

The answer? They have the same manager. And they both share a quirky and unique personality with an honest and compelling on-screen presence. Upcoming podcast relaunch guest Atsuko Okatsuka is blazing her trail in acting and film and I am super-stoked for her.

I recently had the pleasure of FINALLY seeing Atsuko’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed feature film debut in “Littlerock” (Dir. Mike Ott). She was both star, and co-writer for this tale that can be crudely described as an inverted “Lost In Translation.”

My Hot Summer Afternoon Treat: 88 minutes of loveliness in "Littlerock"

My Hot Summer Afternoon Treat: 88 minutes of loveliness in "Littlerock"

The Los Angeles run of the film at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 has just ended, but they are still showing in select cities until October. If you get a chance, support these filmmakers on the rise and my uber-talented friend, Atsuko Okatsuka!

And if you can’t catch Littlrock in theaters, look out for the follow-up film they just finished shooting that was funded by film festival awards for Littlerock! Well shoot!  Apparently it’s nice to get financing when folks in the film community believe in your work!

Here’s the trailer! And look out for her upcoming The CreativeLife podcast episode!

What do you think?  Any other up-and-coming filmmakers and actors that you’ve been excited about?


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