Attention All Creatives: Blogging is Mandatory! [VIDEO][BlogHer Conference 2011]

If it’s not online, it does NOT exist.

Say it with me.

If it’s not online, it does NOT exist.

Whether you are an artist, musician, comic, producer, composer, or freelance whatever, staking out some prime online real estate is a mandatory line item on the budget.  Telling quick and regular stories about your journey gives your audience another way to engage with you and your voice.  These days, people expect to get the type of transparency and personality behind the entrepreneur or creative that is promoting their talent or product.

From free services like Blogger, WordPress and Livejournal to full-blown search engine optimized (SEO), branded, self-hosted masterpieces with e-commerce and community forums, the world of blogging BOGGLES the mind.  What is a creative to do?  There are so many components!  Blogging is where writing, technology and commerce meet.  Where can I find the unholy union of grammar geeks, tech heads, and small business self-starters? Particularly if you want to learn all this in a mostly female setting?

ENTER: The BlogHer Conference 2011

My dear friend Sandy of The Inspiration Habit and I set out on a mission: discover how we can become lady blogger champs. Why blog?  Self-expression, building community and possibly a small business?

I got excellent advice on taking my websites and writing to the next level. I also met a bunch of awesome bloggers.  Since sifting through faceless business cards is the last thing I want to do after meeting tons of new people, I captured video of them.  Check out their websites after the jump!

AND you can find them in person on this new video where they answered the question:

Thank you to all the awesome people I met at the conference and those featured in this short video!  Loved hearing your answers about what living a life of creativity means to you!

What types of conferences for creatives or entrepreneurs have been helpful for you?  What types of meetups locally have really nurtured your creative life?  Tell me about it!  Comment at the end of this post!

BlogHer 2011 Conference New Friends Roll Call!

Kelly @ 3 Boys and a Dog –

What’s life like for a mother of three boys and a pooch?  You find out here!

Lisa @ Yours In Bridal – 

Lisa presents information for vendors who work in the bridal industry!  Not just ANOTHER blog for brides to be.  She’ll give you the inside scoop.

Cindy @ Splendid Little Things – 

This is the destination for “the modern woman’s take on home economics.”

CJ’s Mom @ Raising My Rainbow –

A very specific and intriguing blog about the life of a mother raising a gender non-conforming child. Love the blog title!

Ann Marie @ The Succulent Wife – 

The duo behind this blog is vivacious and passionate. You can just tell by speaking to them.  Here you can find a fun lifestyle blog for baby boomers.

Patricia @ Boomer Wizdom – 

Pat’s energy was definitely oozing with wisdom and gravitas.  Here she talks to boomers about “common sense for owning your own time.”  She also gave me a great idea about how I can extend my home/office organizing service beyond my local geography!  Thanks Pat!

Rebecca @ Daily Rebecca –

Rebecca personality and sense of humor was apparent in just the short conversation I had with her.  Check out this portal into her world!

Diana @ Hormonal Imbalances –

If you’re ever curious the life of a “crunchy housewife,” then Diana’s blog is for you!

Sandy @ The Inspiration Habit –

My dear friend on this Creative Life journey documents her own process of making a habit out of her inspiration.


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