Fierce “Laced” Cutout Art on Female Portraits [Oh. That’s Good.]

Melissa Meier "Laced" portrait1

Melissa Meier is on to something. Take simple,  serious and sometimes somber-looking female portraits, and cutout lace-like designs along the contours of their body.  Visually arresting and thought-provoking, such an act does not seem so extreme when you consider all the ways women modify and “beautify” our own bodies.

I saw her exhibit at July’s Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.     The images have haunted me since, so I had to share.

See some examples of her work below and go directly to her website to see more and find out where she’ll be showing. Her work is up Downtown until August 31st.

Melissa Meier "Laced" portrait2

Melissa Meier "Laced" portrait3

Melissa Meier "Laced" portrait 4

[Source: Images reposted with permission from the artist. Melissa Meier website Originals here.]


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