Big Changes+Upcoming Episodes! Ann “A’Misa” Chiu (eyeball burp press), Steve Nguyen (


Enjoying your summer? I am.  I’ve been going back to the drawing board on this podcast. We’ve only published five episodes of the ten interviews recorded. Why? Because I’m in the middle of revamping the frame of this show.  We’ll still have awesome guests and intimate conversations about living The CreativeLife.  But here’s what will be different when we relaunch in September!:

  • The CreativeLife Lessons™: Key Advice for Creatives
    We’ll focus on key practical tips creative entrepreneurs need.  Topics will include things like managing your self-employment finances, getting past creative blocks, networking and building community around your creative endeavors,
  • The CreativeLife DIYMFA: Jenny’s Own CreativeLife Curriculum in Each Episode
    I’ll be laying out my OWN CreativeLife with the skills and experiences I’d like to have.  You’ll see my own Do-It-Yourself curriculum for my self-structured “Masters of Fine Arts,” or my DIYMFA, if you will.  You will see MY growth and perhaps you too will want to make your own DIYMFA.  Or perhaps you would like to help me in my process.
  • The CreativeLife StudyGuides: Quickie Summaries of the Best Books & Resources for Living the CreativeLife!
    I’m obsessed with self-help, creativity and personal development books.  Are you?  Probably not.  BUT you may want a quick way to get the key lessons from great books like  Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” and other classics in creativity.  I’ve amassed quite a little library of these books and want to share MY key learnings with you.  Be ready for free downloadable PDF summaries of these creativity and self-help treasures.
  • More Awesome Guests!
    We will STILL have fun, experienced and interesting creative guests.  Each conversation will be balanced with the kind of exploration and meandering that I love AND the focused discussions around The CreativeLife Lessons™, The CreativeLife DIYMFA™, and The CreativeLife StudyGuides.

In the meantime, please enjoy two more of the previously recorded but yet unpublished interviews. Both will be released later this month.  Download and listen.

August Podcast Release Schedule

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011: Episode 6 – Ann “A’Misa” Chiu, Artist, Writer, Zine Publisher

A'Misa Chiu! eyeball burp publishing, artist

A'Misa Chiu & Alex Chiu Collab-Doodle

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011: Episode 7 – Steve Nguyen, Producer, Filmmaker, Blogger

Steve Nguyen: Who *IS* the man behind the shades?!

Steve Nguyen: Who *IS* the man behind the shades?!

Hibakusha - Animated Short Film by Steve Nguyen & Choz Belen


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5 responses to “Big Changes+Upcoming Episodes! Ann “A’Misa” Chiu (eyeball burp press), Steve Nguyen (”

  1. inspiredbysandy says :

    I love how you’ve spelled out your specific upcoming products! I’ve been percolating on my own as well, and once I get the manifestation down, I’ll be putting together my own DIY curriculum, too. Maybe some of the skills we’d like to develop will overlap and we can be students together again, just like middle and high school. Except this time, we’ll only be learning the things we want to learn! 🙂

  2. alexchiu says :

    GO Ann! GO JEnny!

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