10 Online Resources to Break Your Writer’s Block: Random Writing Prompt Generators [Oh. That’s Good.]

There ain't no party like a Writer's Block party cuz the Writer's Block party don't stop!!

There ain't no party like a Writer's Block party cuz the Writer's Block party don't stop!!

I’ve been staring at the unbearable whiteness of my empty page for the last five minutes.  The death march starts drumming in my head. My involuntary twitch to grab my remote control starts activating.  I MUST…DO…SOMETHING.

To the GOOGLE!

I literally typed the words, “random writing prompt generator” JUST to see if they exist. And they do!  Great minds think alike, they say. Mm. Hmm.

I picked out the best 10 free online resources to get your imagination percolating. If I were you I’d bookmark this for future consumption.

You’re welcome.  I take my appreciation in free food, comments and cash. nomnomnom.

1. Plinky

Plinky is owned by WordPress.com and is much more attractive than most of the others on this list.  I like the simplicity and feel of it.

What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve ever done?

2. Creative Writing Prompts

Little boxes appear when you float your mouse cursor on one of the numbers.  The format of the prompts vary.  Some are phrases.  Some are story starters, like this one.

Begin a story with, “The hallway was silent…”

3. The Writing For Children Resource Site

It’s actually a writing prompt generator for writers of children’s books. But who cares?! Many different generators on this page.  Why not write a spoken word piece about (frantically clicks the generator)…

the [quiet] [guinea pig] that went [crazy].

4. Writing Fix: Home of Interactive Writing Prompts

Just one little window.  And here’s what I got:

“What makes you special?  Write a piece that explains three things about you that make you a VERY unique person.”

5. The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator

This one gives you a more direct “assignment” beyond just content ideas:

(write for) 10 minutes * A character you’ve never written before * vengence

6. Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Lounge

So what if the prompt I got was more about fiction with a grammatically incorrect sentence…but it DOES look intriguing and this site is much prettier than the others:

Blame was the key. I needed unlock the door and place it with someone.

7. Creativity Portal: The Imagination Prompt Generator

This simple generator gives you one prompt at a time in the form of a question.  Here’s my result:

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

8. Prompt Generator

This one is super simple.  Looks like it can be used for school teachers.

Think about an event in your life that you will always remember. Write a story about what happened.

9. Seventh Sanctum

This has a great variety of prompts for different types of creative writing. I tried out the “Writing Challenge” one.

The story must have a bandit in it. The story must involve some rope at the end. A character buys a house. A character becomes wiser during the story. During the story, a character has an accient while traveling.

10. A Little Left of Logical

You get a word or phrase. Simple.

Illuminated darkness


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12 responses to “10 Online Resources to Break Your Writer’s Block: Random Writing Prompt Generators [Oh. That’s Good.]”

  1. inspiredbysandy says :

    Thanks for sharing these writing prompt sites, Jenny! This will be SUPER helpful, as I always experience some form of creative blockage. You’re so great about sharing inspirations and creative tools. 🙂

  2. yp25 says :

    Thank you so much! I’ve been frustrated that due to a lack of privacy and proper music, I haven’t been able to write anything meaningful, poetry or blog posts. These are great links. I’ll pass them on.

    • Jenny Yang says :

      You are so welcome! These links are suuuuper fun. Thanks for passing them on! I see on your site you already have multi-media writing prompts! Cool! I too grew up writing poetry as an outlet. I couldn’t have survived without it. I love the mission of your website. 🙂

  3. yp25 says :

    Thanks. It’s a work in progress. Congrats on getting people to comment on your posts. I’ve had my blog going since May and no one has commented on any of the posts. What’s your secret?

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Ha! Gosh! Do I get a lot of comments? It’s getting some action. Which is nice. Cuz it’s nice to get some feedback right? Instead of just sending your words and energy out into the internet ether. Hahah.

      Hmm…from what I hear the key is to comment with sincere curiosity and desire for connection in other folk sites and then they usually talk back. Like you! See! It worked! But I think the key is to find “community” by commenting on sites that really interest you or complement your site. Just sharing what I’ve heard. Hahah. I’m JUST implementing some of these ideas myself. Let’s watch each other grow!!!

      On another note, have you heard of BlogHer? It’s a conference in San Diego this year. I’m going with a friend to learn more about how to develop my websites and “blogginess”! 🙂

  4. yp25 says :

    hahaha….I just saw your comment. Thank you so much! I didn’t know it until I checked the rest of my email. Thanks. Maybe now others will see that my blog doesn’t bite 🙂

  5. yp25 says :

    Well, it sounds like an interesting seminar but I live abroad, so…
    And, yes, I’m “a her”.

    I’ve been reading and commenting on other blogs every week and I know I get traffic, but I still get no comments. We’ll see.

  6. Adam Maxwell (@ISayItsAdam) says :

    Thanks for the plug for Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Lounge – as the eponymous Maxwell I have to applaud you for your taste and discernment. And apologise. There are hundreds of prompts in there and I typed them all in myself so occassionally mistakes are made!

    I’m sorry… please forgive me. PLEASE!? Hopefully by updating the offending article I can earn that forgiveness.


    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hahahah! You’re more than welcome, Adam! And you are forgiven. (curtsies). However, no apologies needed for that slight grammar oversight. It was totally the luck of the draw that THAT particular prompt popped up. Hahah. Just subscribe to my blog and share my rundown with your peoples and I’ll REALLY forgive you. 🙂

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