Note to Self: Perform Every Gig Like THIS! Matt & Kim’s High Energy Synth-Rock Performance on Jimmy Fallon [Inspiration]

Did you see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night? Matt and Kim!!! Whuuut?! I don’t know who they are, but they TORE THAT ISH UP with their high energy performance! I’m immediately a fan.  At one point, this synth-rock duo BOTH stood up on their seats and instruments completely connecting with the live audience.

And so what if their rabid positivity borders on that “God’s Pottery“-type creepiness (Last Comic Standing Video).  I buy it. [Side note: God’s Pottery are Swatties!]

LESSON LEARNED?: Perform EVERY gig like this!  Like this is exactly where you need to be.  Like this is exactly why you love what you do.  Like this is the first time you discovered how awesome music or performing can be.

Check it out for yourself below.  They have a new album out, “Sidewalks” (SPIN REVIEW) and will be on tour.

Matt & Kim on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Matt & Kim: Gotta play like this is EXACTLY where you need to be!


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