3,558! That’s the Total Views of The CreativeLife Since We Launched June 2011. Thanks Y’all. [Press][Gratitude]

I can’t lie. I check my website statistics for The CreativeLife like a worried mother with unrepentant OCD.

WordPress (my blogging platform) has really great built-in statistics.  This includes daily info on how viewers got your site, or “referrers.” For instance, I found out that hundreds of folks found us through links to our site posted by angryasianman.com. Thanks, man!

And yesterday we got *one* click coming from http://botd.wordpress.com/growing-blogs/. That’s the “Growing Blogs” page of the “Blogs of the Day” from WordPress’ own site!  Wuuut?  Well I checked and I couldn’t find our site listed anymore. Oh wells.  I guess their little WordPress-Algorithm-Bot only had a fleeting fancy for us.

At least it confirms what we already know: the growth of our new little site/blog/podcast has been really great in just its first month of life.  Soon it’ll transition to solid foods! And I have you all to thank.  So…Thank you.

After our initial 5-pack of podcast episodes, we’re taking a little time to step back to  re-evaluate.  We’re cooking up an even more focused format and more thoughtful series of guests and show themes.  Be on the lookout for the results soon!

Here’s more info directly from the site about how “Blogs of the Day” works.

How BOTD works

We count up the visitors to all public blogs and posts in a rolling 24-hour period. No personally identifiable information is stored. Several times throughout the day, we summarize all of this data in different ways to produce lists of blogs and posts that might be interesting.

Wordpress "Growing Blogs" on Blogs of the Day!

Hmm...perhaps we were a "Growing Blog"?



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