[Press][Gratitude] Oops. I Just Blogged All Over Myself. Thanks, Jon Yang (and Justin Hall).

When I’m in the throes of a moment of soul-searing emotion, I have one of three impulses:

  1. Blame my family for their psychological terrorism,
  2. Numb my nerves with a marathon of “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain, or
  3. Write down my pansy, gutless feelings on delay like a fallen kid who only cries once an adult appears and notices.

Very often, I choose all of the above (and all at the same time). This is why the wide world of blogging has served my attention-seeking, extroverted inner child so well. I have people like blogger/writer Jon Yang to thank for institutionalizing the sometimes overwhelming white noise that can be the “blogosphere” through a concise non-internet-y guidebook made out of actual paper derived from wood pulp.  He’s the author of “The Rough Guide to Blogging” and has kindly given our little podcast/blog-that-could a nice shoutout!  Thanks Jon! (And no.  We’re not related…except perhaps where our DNA can be traced back to Genghis Khan.)

I JUST got a copy of my Rough Guide in the mail today!  Granted, at the lightning speed of the internets, one might think a 2006 paperback guide may not be timely.  But a quick perusal of the contents shows that the book can provide a nice fundamental framework. Surprisingly, prior to 2006, there doesn’t appear to have been many definitive guides to blogging.

A sidebar callout at the top of Jon’s book features none other than my Swarthmore College classmate Justin Hall!  Jon and others describe him as “the founding father of personal blogging.”  Whoah!  Quite a statement!  And then I thought about it and I realized that in fact he DID help inspire my personal blogging endeavors when I was at Swarthmore!  I didn’t know him personally (we overlapped a year), but his reputation preceded him. Seeing the type of online journaling that Justin and other Swarthmore students were doing made this wee freshman feel comfortable with trying it out herself. At the risk of opening up an embarrassing can of worms…you can see a sample of my first attempt archived here.

Look! We’re featured on JonYang.org!

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