The CreativeLife Podcast Ep.4: Exclusive Ryan Andreas Studio Session+Interview [Download] [Stream]

Ryan Andreas

Ryan Andreas of America's Got Talent Finally Steps into the Spotlight

Episode 4-Ryan Andreas

It’s not often you see television closeups of people moved to tears at the sound of a voice, but that was exactly what happened when Ryan Andreas took the stage.  Ryan has had one heck of a ride.   15.6 million people watched him perform his music to a mesmerized panel of judges on NBC’s reality talent competition, America’s Got Talent just two weeks ago….

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…Since then, the once reclusive musician’s fan base has sky-rocketed.   Over 400,000 combined views of YouTube videos of his performance on the season premiere show*.   Over 2,300 Facebook fans, radio station interviews and shows as far flung as Alaska (And apparently Egypt is not immune to “Ryan Fever”). Whether he faces victory or defeat as the show heads to Las Vegas for the next round of judgement, Ryan maintains that “the artist shall remain,” especially with the support of his growing fanbase.

With only one unforgettable television appearance, thousands of fan have been eager to learn more about Ryan Andreas.  This podcast is your chance to hang out with Ryan in his home studio. Jenny sat down one-on-one with the musician of Dutch Indonesian heritage at his home near Ontario, California. They talk about the first time he knew he could sing, his struggles with drugs and depression, and how his music and the love of his girlfriend and caring friends has brought him the happiness he always wanted.  And you’ll learn the artists that Ryan would want on his “ultimate playlist.” (Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone, but Clapton, Hendrix, and Springsteen are involved…)

Ryan gives shoutouts to his top fans.  You’ll also hear, for the first time, the full version of “In the Arms of the Angel” performed LIVE on the podcast, and a bonus cover of “Devils and Dust” by Bruce Springsteen with Ryan on guitar.


“It’s so motivating.  What I hoped for as a kid was to be accepted by everybody and now it is coming in volumes.  It’s very touching.” on gaining confidence and inspiration from fan feedback.

“It’s mind-blowing!  You saw my bedroom and you’re in Croatia?!” on fans worldwide, viewing his self-produced videos.

Recorded in Ryan’s bedroom/home studio, June 12, 2011.

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* Ryan’s Youtube Channel
* Ryan’s Performance on the Show

NOTE: * Correction: Previously stated 40,000

MUSIC: This episode features Ryan Andreas on keyboard, guitar and vocals performing cover songs.

And when you’re done listening to it…leave a comment at the end of this post, or on iTunes.  Send me your feedback and comments!  What did you like about the interview? What did you learn that you hadn’t thought about before?  What was something that you wanted to learn more about the creative process?  What question were you DYING for me to ask but I never did!?

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18 responses to “The CreativeLife Podcast Ep.4: Exclusive Ryan Andreas Studio Session+Interview [Download] [Stream]”

  1. askmieke says :

    I love that Ryan Andreas is Indo (Dutch East Indies)… says a lot about how he chose music over drugs and the sorrow in his soul that comes out of his voice. His parents were of a generation lost. Born into the now extinct Dutch East Indies, not welcomed when re-patriated to the Netherlands, and now trying to plant roots in America. Good luck and good fortune to you Ryan! This is the greatest country in the world, and I hope your dreams are coming true….as you live out that dream. AGT or not….just being heard, you can earn a living, doing what you love!

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hi Askmieke! I really appreciate that context. Thank you so much for the feedback/comment! I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about the history behind the Dutch Indonesians. That was definitely one of the questions that I wanted to ask Ryan more directly, which is, how do you think your heritage or your parents immigration history has affected your music/musical development? At any rate, I’ll file THIS one away for a (potential) future follow-up podcast episode with Ryan. Cheers! Jenny Yang

  2. Michael Kelly says :

    Wow… just an amazingly gifted man! Thanks so much for helping to share his talents with the world!

  3. Sacha Webb says :

    Hi Jenny. Ryan’s sister here. I am truly impressed by your interview and Ryan sounded amazing as always! Great job on capturing the man behind the music. Seeing my brother reach this point of success already is awesome and gratifying and he’s just getting started but I am most grateful for his thousands of supporters, particularly those like you who have known all along what an exceptional musician he is and dedicate so much of their own time to push him to the top! Thank you Jenny. RYAN ROCKS AND SO DO YOU!!

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hi Sacha! Thank you so much for your feedback. It really means a lot to me that you felt it captured the real person behind the short clip on America’s Got Talent. 🙂 All of your encouragement and feedback definitely fuels MY fire the same way feedback from Ryan’s fan’s has fueled his! 🙂 Cheers! Jenny Yang

  4. shannon cartledge says :

    Jenny the interview was absolutely amazing.. It brought me to tears… I couldnt believe he mentioned me as one of the top fans.. But that’s who he is.. Incredibly humble, and just totally real. You did an absolute AMAZING job girl!!! Thanks so much for doing this for us fans to hear.. You totally ROCK!!!


    • Jenny Yang says :

      EEEEK! Awesome! So YOU’RE the Shannon he mentioned! Hahahah! That’s cool! Thanks so much for your feedback. It really means so much to me to hear that the podcast was able to let fans in on getting to know the real person that he is. Thanks again for listening and for being cool! Hope you can enjoy future podcasts on my show as well! Cheers! Jenny Yang

      • shannon says :

        Oh i will listen to all of your podcasts!!! you are a great interviewer!! I still cant believe he mentioned me.. He is an awesome friend !! Hope to keep in touch with you too Jenny!!


  5. Trish says :

    Hey Jenny,
    That was an awesome I interview with Ryan. It is so weird that I turn on my computer and see the godvine post. Ryan was singing my song. His story is inspirational. How do I share your podcast on facebook. My friends are all over the globe. Ryan was eloquent t and your questions were awesome. So thank you.

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hi Trish! I’m so glad you enjoyed the podcast!!! I would love it if you could share the podcast episode with your friends! If you’d like to share it with your friends, just post this following link to their facebook walls (and your own) From there they can see the post about Ryan and the links to the episode that are included. Take care! Thank you for your kind words! Cheers, Jenny Yang

  6. Carolyn Smith says :

    Jenny, I finally found the time to sit down and listen to this interview and must say you did an awesome job of exploring and conveying to Ryan’s fans just who he really is….loved it!! Hope to hear more interviews with Ryan as his journey progresses…thanks!

    • Jenny Yang says :

      Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the interview with Ryan! I’m definitely excited to sit down with him again as he progresses in the show! Cheers! Jenny Yang

  7. WILBUR says :

    he has to sing sandpaper caddilac by joe cocker

    • Jenny Yang says :

      yeah wilbur. it might be time to get a running ‘requests’ list for Ryan, huh? 🙂 hope you enjoyed the podcast episode and got a chance to check out others! cheers! jenny yang

  8. Joan says :

    You did a great job on the interview! His voice reminds me so much of Joe Cocker and I hope he does more of his music one day.

  9. Deanie Wild says :

    Deanie Wild: Ryan, so proud how the you getting known around the world, you inspire so many to find their Dreams and go after them…. ♥ Sticking with you as I promised…. Keep on… your so Loved…Bless you and thanks for keeping on….

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