SHOW: Do YOU Heart Hamas? Jennifer Jajeh (Episode 3 guest) @ Hollywood Fringe Festival

A scene from Jennifer Jahjeh's "I Heart Hamas" solo show.

A scene from Jennifer Jajeh's "I Heart Hamas" solo show.

Jennifer Jajeh’s The CreativeLife podcast with Jenny Yang Episode 3 is IN THE WORKS.   To hold you over until later this week, get yourself some tickets for “I Heart Hamas“!  She’ll be mounting a full run of this thought-provoking, comedic, and very personal solo show. Check out her site:

After our successful 6 week run in LA earlier this year, I Heart Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid to Tell You is back this June as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 9-25th). We have 6 shows -that’s ONLY SIX- throughout the festival, so get your tickets early!

Tickets are $15 and available online 


Thur, 6/9@7:30pm
Sun, 6/12@2:00pm
Fri, 6/17@2:00pm
Mon, 6/20@7:00pm
Tues, 6/21@7:00pm
Sat, 6/25@12:30pm


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One response to “SHOW: Do YOU Heart Hamas? Jennifer Jajeh (Episode 3 guest) @ Hollywood Fringe Festival”

  1. Peter Kuo says :

    Hi Jenny!

    This is Peter Kuo. I just heard a pod cast, hilarious and entertaining. I don’t know if you’ve heard that the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival is coming to Los Angeles in just a couple of weeks and I’m doing the publicity for it. I wanted to talk to you about potentially having one of the performers in the Festival be on your podcast. The two people I thought of that might be great would be Traci Kato-Kiriyama who I believe you know from Tuesday Night Cafe. She’ll be performing with Kennedy Kabasaras in a piece called PULL. Also we’re having a female Hmong Comedian from Minnesota performing, May Lee Yang.

    I know you just interviewed Jennifer about her performance in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, so maybe instead of a performer you might be interested in interviewing a panelist? We have tons Asian American Artists working in theatre who will be at the conference that might be interesting for your podcast!

    Let me know and I can help arrange something right away. You can find more info about the event at


    Peter J. Kuo
    National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival

    (Sorry to post this on your wordpress, I couldn’t find an email address.)

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