The CreativeLife Podcast Ep.2: Emily C. Chang is Ready to “Wreck Shop,” L.A.! [Episode 2] [Download] [Stream]

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Episode 2-Emily C. Chang

What do you do when you’ve already been a nationally-touring, critically-acclaimed spoken word artist, won an Emmy for hosting a documentary-series about China, and produced groundbreaking television for the first ever Asian American television broadcasting company? And even make fun of your own spoken word past by making a mockumentary short slamming poetry slammers?…

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…Well, you find your way to Los Angeles and “wreck shop”!  Okay. Maybe not. That last part was just a joke. Everything else is true about actor, writer, and producer Emily C. Chang.  Jenny and Emily share affinities for creating personal “blueprints” for life, discuss how traditional Chinese poetry is the original hip-hop emcee, and consider how one moves from self-styled spoken word performance to managing a life of acting in Los Angeles.

Recorded in Emily’s Los Angeles kitchen, May 17, 2011.  The community sponsor for this episode is Tuesday Night Project and Tuesday Night Cafe. You can find up-and-coming and established Asian American artists every 1st and 3rd Tuesday in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles at this free multi-disciplinary show (or streaming LIVE online at If you liked what you heard, please comment in iTunes AND donate by simply clicking the Paypal button at

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Pablo Picasso

Some links to stuff we talked about:
* Emily Chang’s Music
* Spoken word artist Giles Li

I am an actor in Los Angeles.

This episode also features the lovely sounds of Monk Turner and Monk Turner+Fascinoma.

“MJ’s Grave” from Coordinates, released 23 February 2010
MJ’s Grave
Words and Music by Beniamino ‘monk’ Turner 
Monk: Programing 
Ben Altec: Vocals
Chris Warrior: Vocals
Sherdale ‘Sip’ Smith: Vocals
Lauren Rasmussen: Vocals
Jack Sogo: Announcer
Recorded at Sogo Studios (Little Tokyo, CA USA), Venice Boardwalk(Venice, CA USA), Lalai Dama Music Studio(Sherman Oaks, CA USA), Warrior Productions(Baldwin Hills, CA USA) and Sip Studios (South Central LA, CA USA)

“Start Again” from Emergency Songs, released 01 March 2011
Words and Music by B.A. Monk Turner, Alanna Lin, and Chad Bloom
Tony Austin: Drums
Chad Bloom: Piano, Programming
The Emergency Choir: Vocals, Clapping
Alanna Lin: Vocals
Monk Turner: Electric Guitar, Bass, Programming
Recorded at Sogo Studios (Little Tokyo, CA USA), LADWP (Little Tokyo, CA USA), Lalai Dama Music Studio (Sherman Oaks, CA USA), and digital-t Studios (Los Angeles, CA USA)

And when you’re done listening to it…leave a comment at the end of this post, or on iTunes.  Send me your feedback and comments!  What did you like about the interview? What did you learn that you hadn’t thought about before?  What was something that you wanted to learn more about the creative process?  What question were you DYING for me to ask but I never did!?

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